Meet the Team

Maillou is the conductor of the band, and with the business and team growing she plays several parts daily to make sure all your projects are conducted smoothly! She is also a well-respected moderator, and despite her very busy schedule, she manages to practice yoga every week and has started to sing in a choir. Next step is no doubt Madison Square Garden!

Maillou Enselme


John boasts 15+ years at Med Planet, and is still going strong, with an ‘experienced and flexible’ programming approach that helps you get the job done, every time. Off duty, John recharges his battery pack by running, and lifting a dumbbell or two, but of course, his brain function is dialled down to 15% during this time, so please expect a delayed response.

John Deignan

Moderator / Analyst

Sorina is our sales and business development director, with a career in the market research industry beginning in 2010. Skilled in business strategy, sales, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and healthcare research, she likes to talk and to network! She’s not a salesperson – she's your partner in success. She loves the summer and travels a lot in her home country (the home of "Dragostea Din Tei").

Sorina Jian

Business Development Director

With over 10 years of experience, Caroline translates your documents from English and Spanish into French with clarity and attention to detail. Her passion for languages continues outside of work as she is fond of studying new ones (although she won’t be able to translate Japanese or Finnish any time soon). In her remaining spare time, she enjoys going to the cinema and taking dance classes despite starting late – a source of exercise and humility! She also loves hunting for pastries and can tell you where to find the best lemon meringue tartlet around her town in the north of France. Is it a hobby or a problem? No one knows.

Caroline Legrand


Mathis has been gravitating around the Med Planet sphere since 2020 and has recently joined the crew as a qualitative moderator for the French market. He has dedicated his career so far to academic research and believes that valuable answers can only follow from aptly asked questions. Always eager to shine a light on nebulous territories, he often wishes interviews could last longer!

Mathis Guerreiro

Qualitative Moderator

Ivan graduated with a degree in English and American literature, and then lived in England and Central Europe before obtaining a degree in scientific and technical translation (English to French), which lead to his first position in medical market research more than 15 years ago (!) Ivan is based near Lille and joined Med Planet in 2021.

Ivan Leroux

Senior Research Executive

Nathalie is our wonderful recruiter. She has the most incredible contacts and connections that enable us to offer a very extensive range of physicians and patients. When she is not engaged in consecutive phone calls she enjoys painting and ceramics in her well-earned spare time.

Nathalie Laforet


Camille is a project manager assisting the team with qualitative and translation projects. She will put as much energy into your projects as she applies to the incomprehensible pleasure she gets from activities that anyone else would consider to be chores: organisation, sorting, folding, and all the other household stuff.

Camille Saint-Jal

Project Management Assistant

Samuel is our Translation Manager. Raised in Belgium, France and Africa, he is a half-Malagasy, half-English language enthusiast who has been translating and managing projects in market research since 2008. In his free time he can be found playing electric, stringed instruments and enjoying progressive music.

Samuel Anthony

Translation Manager

Agnès is the chief conductor. She very adeptly organises all our projects from beginning to end. She is also your main interlocutor and always has something nice to say.

Agnès Letty

Field Director