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Who are we?

High quality and accurate data is always the end game.

The story of Med Planet began in 1997 when it was founded by Maillou Enselme. Over time, what was once a one-man (woman!) band became a full-fledged orchestra: a very busy, full-time organisation dedicated to exceptional results and client delight. Over the years Med Planet emerged as a respected  and trusted healthcare market research provider, and our ambitions for continuous growth have never abated.

However, we still operate like, and maintain the spirit of a small company, and that is apparent across all our working relationships where we are seen as part of the team, and always at the end of the phone for advice on a project, or just a chat. At Med Planet, clients relationships go beyond basic buyer-supplier transactions; many of our partners are now long term friends. Whether you’re new to us or have worked with us for many years, we care deeply about your projects’ outcomes and the success of your business.

This care and commitment is illustrated in our complete dedication to every single project, no matter the size. We are incredibly responsive (sometimes even at odd hours, but that’s on us!), and flexible to ensure your goals and deadlines are met, and more importantly, that your expectations are exceeded. Whatever the challenge, we’ve got you covered.