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Med Planet has a database of more than 3000 physicians throughout France. We cover all specialties and thanks to our long term relationship with many of them, we can have a very reactive … that allow last minute recruitment and avoidance of no shows



We have KOLs for all the most important therapeutic areas and we always track their publications to make sure we are always a la pointe of what they do.



We also have a good network of payers who can easily be reached and who can also help understand our very complex reimbursement system


Patients and the patient observatory

A few years ago, we opened what we called “The patient observatory”. Since we were doing more and more patient research, we thought wise to dedicate more energy to identifying more patients in all the various conditions. We have therefore opened a page that allows them to enrol to our database after a conversation with the recruiting team and they happily take part in research.

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